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KREBS & RIEDEL Shanghai Co., Ltd. 

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主营产品(Main Products):砂轮 Grinding Wheel

公司品牌(Company Brand):KREBS & RIEDEL 珂箔石

产品详情Product Display

产品优势Product Advantage

可定制,一致性的原材料配比;积累了超过25,000种砂轮配方; 创新研发的低温MULTO结合剂系统促进了高速磨削,效率大大提升; 砂轮硬度和组织完美的搭配,确保砂轮耐用保型和避免烧伤的出现; 125年的工艺经验保证了产品高质量,使用中高效且极其稳定; 产品性价比,交货时间均大幅优于同行业的平均水平; 覆盖全国的专业应用工程师及售后团队,24小时内响应客户需求; We can customize, have a consistent ratio of raw materials, and accumulated more than 25,000 grinding wheel formula; Our innovative low temperature MULTO binder system promotes high speed grinding and greatly improves efficiency; The grinding wheel is perfectly matched in hardness and structure to ensure its durability and avoid the appearance of burns. 125 years of process experience ensures high quality, high efficiency and extremely stable use; The cost performance of the products is high, the delivery time is much better than the average level of the same industry; Professional application engineers and after-sales teams covering the whole country will respond to customer needs within 24 hours;

公司介绍Company Profile

    珂箔石砂轮是世界领先的磨削工具生产厂商之一,产品有陶瓷和树脂结合的普磨砂轮、切割片、碗形砂轮和磨块,以及陶瓷结合剂CBN (立方氮化硼) 和金刚石砂轮。
    我们始于1895年,至今专注于砂轮行业125年,坚守五代人传承的匠心精神,拥有经验丰富的研发人员,应用工程师和专业工人始终如一的技术水平的保证,KREBS & RIEDEL获得ISO9001:21015认证,OSA 欧洲砂轮安全协会会员,并根据国际通行的EN、ANSI和JIS标准研制生产砂轮。
    KREBS & RIEDEL is one of the world's leading grinding tools manufacturers, the products are ceramic and resin bonded grinding wheels, cutting pieces, bowl shaped grinding wheels and grinding blocks, as well as ceramic bonded CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) and diamond grinding wheels.
    KREBS & RIEDEL Shanghai Co., Ltd. is located in Anting, the Motor city of Shanghai. As the only wholly-owned branch in China, it occupies a huge market share in the whole country and even the whole world. There are more than 200 end users all over the country.And the products are used in a wide range of industries, such as cloth and automobile manufacturing, machinery industry manufacturing, energy, aerospace, military, medical, etc.
    KREBS & RIEDEL adopts the most advanced CNC molding technology and new equipment to manufacture grinding wheels. Our technological process and organization ensure that ?satisfy customers' highest quality requirements when using the grinding wheel. The grinding wheel has consistent structural characteristics and minimum hardness tolerance.The structure of the grinding wheel is based on our innovative ceramic bonding system-——MULTO, which uses White Corundum, Microcrystalline Sintered Emery and new type alumina as abrasives, thus having minimal thermal impact on the workpiece.?Under the condition of high dressing period and high economy, the shape of grinding wheel is firm, durable, smooth and exquisite.
    We started in 1895, and has been focused on the grinding wheel industry for 125 years. The company adheres to the ingenuity spirit passed down by five generations, and has experienced r&d personnel, application engineers and professional workers to ensure the consistent technical level. KREBS & RIEDEL obtained ISO9001:21015 certification, OSA grinding wheel security association, member of the European and according to the internationally accepted EN, ANSI and JIS standards development production grinding wheel. KREBS & RIEDEL has obtained ISO9001:21015 certification and is a member of OSA European Grinding Wheel Safety Association.  Our grinding wheels are manufactured according to international EN, ANSI and JIS standards.
    Product range:
    1. Corundum grinding wheel with ceramic and resin binding agent and silicon carbide grinding wheel (outside diameter up to 950mm)
    2. Ceramic binder CBN and diamond grinding wheel (maximum operating speed:300m/s)
    3. Resin bonded cutting wheel with/without fiber layer reinforcement (maximum outside diameter up to 600mm)

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